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Breaking the silence on incest: How France is facing up to the unspeakable

France is reeling from claims and revelations of incest. It began with a book by the sister of an alleged victim – her own twin brother – abused sexually throughout his teens by his stepfather, political scientist Olivier Duhamel. Camille Kouchner’s book « La familia grande » has blown the lid off a massive social problem. What happened to her brother is classified as incest in France. In other countries it would be called child sex abuse – all the more damaging because it is perpetrated by a person in loco parentis.

  • The Debate – Durée : 44m

Guests :

  • Estelle Kramer, Midwife, La Maison des Femmes
  • Benjamin Moron-Puech, Jurist & Lecturer, Paris II Pantheon-Assas University
  • Tal Piterbraut-Merx, Doctoral student in philosophy, specialising in political theology and gender


Child sex abuse survivors are five times more likely to be the victims of sexual assault later in life

New research has found child sex abuse survivors are far more likely to be the victims of a range of crimes as adults. The reasons why – and who is most vulnerable – are complex.

  • What we already know and what our research did
  • Re-victimisation is not limited to sexual offences or just women
  • Why child sex abuse survivors are more vulnerable
  • How mental illness factors into re-victimisation
  • Meeting the needs of survivors
  • A final word about resilience