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Breaking the silence on incest: How France is facing up to the unspeakable

France is reeling from claims and revelations of incest. It began with a book by the sister of an alleged victim – her own twin brother – abused sexually throughout his teens by his stepfather, political scientist Olivier Duhamel. Camille Kouchner’s book « La familia grande » has blown the lid off a massive social problem. What happened to her brother is classified as incest in France. In other countries it would be called child sex abuse – all the more damaging because it is perpetrated by a person in loco parentis.

  • The Debate – Durée : 44m

Guests :

  • Estelle Kramer, Midwife, La Maison des Femmes
  • Benjamin Moron-Puech, Jurist & Lecturer, Paris II Pantheon-Assas University
  • Tal Piterbraut-Merx, Doctoral student in philosophy, specialising in political theology and gender


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