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Hidden victim of incestuous father: Case report

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Périodique : European Psychiatry
Numéros : vol. 23, ISSN 0924-9338 (Imprimé)
Dates : Date de publication: 04/2008
Etendue : p. S363
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Hidden victim of incestuous father: Case report

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Due to the societal attitude against incestuous relationship, its prohibition became universal throughout the world. It is related to the cultural obstacles for it implies violation of moral and moral comprehension about interfamilial relations. However, the incest is mostly unreported, hardly detected and recognized because the child - hidden victim of incest, shame and fear is suffering in silence. Therefore, probability of prevention, support and treatment of the victim is decreased while severe psychological consequences are increased. It is known that, in certain cases, when the mother get to know about incestuous relationship between her daughter and the father, due to various interests and dependence-related reasons, the child is forced not to report on it. As those crimes mostly occur in "private circle" of the family, with no witnesses, even if reported, the perpetrator is usually released due to a lack of evidence, which will be illustrated in this case report. Sexual taboos, especially present in undeveloped countries, contribute to the expansion of societal moral crisis and sexual delinquency, as well as to the alienation and isolation of its victims. Our future should be marked with more efforts invested in raising public awareness about the presence of this problem in our country and a comprehensive care for children where multidisciplinary approach is required.

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Psychiatry and Mental health


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