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Teaching Incest Narratives, Student Survivors, and Inclusive Pedagogy

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Auteurs : Andrea Nicki
Périodique : Humanities
Numéros : vol. 7, nº 2, ISSN 2076-0787 (En ligne)
Dates : Date de publication: 11/05/2018
Etendue : p. 45
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Titre :

Teaching Incest Narratives, Student Survivors, and Inclusive Pedagogy

Résumé :

I examine and challenge the view, expressed by some literary theorists, that writings about trauma should be read and taught differently from other writings because these reflect a desire to heal with the support of a community of readers. I explore some poems about incest, including my own, and the expressed intentions and intellectual processes of the authors. I argue that framing these writings as healing narratives misconceives the writers as healers. I address some challenges in teaching incest narratives and strategies that can help ensure the inclusion of student incest survivors and, generally, student survivors of chronic childhood trauma. While some scholars have emphasized the importance of instructors providing trigger warnings when assigning material about trauma, students of chronic childhood trauma can be triggered by wide-ranging material. I emphasize that these students need to be recognized as a minority group facing disadvantages and discrimination, and discuss how educational institutes and campus services could be improved to better meet their needs. Further, I elaborate how survivor-inclusive pedagogy gives a central place in diverse curricula to first-person narratives and experiences of survivors. Finally, I note some encouraging developments in the fields of psychology and law and make some recommendations.

Mots-clés libres (EN) :

Incest narratives, Survivors of chronic childhood trauma, Trigger warnings, Inclusive pedagogy, Psychological disability


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