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Far Away in Another Land: One Immigrant’s Story of Incest, Trauma, and Healing

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Auteurs : Bharati Sethi
Périodique : Qualitative Inquiry
Numéros : vol. 17, nº 6, ISSN 1077-8004 (Imprimé), ISSN 1552-7565 (En ligne)
Dates : Date de publication: 17/06/2011
Etendue : pp. 498-504
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Titre :

Far Away in Another Land: One Immigrant’s Story of Incest, Trauma, and Healing

Résumé :

This article is a collection of performance poetry pieces that provide insight into my experiences of childhood abuse. I took refuge in Canada to escape the “patriarchal and misogynistic” sickness that imprisoned girls/women in my family for generations. Recent scholarship is just beginning to address the broader issue of trauma among immigrants and refugees as a result of preimmigration stress resulting from war, natural disasters, religious persecution, and other such horrors. However, very little is known about the violence in their family life—a private domain—pre- and postimmigration. As a child I was forbidden to “write”. So, I wrote on sand and let the waves carry my secrets to the shore. I wrote on imaginary walls. I wrote in the sky. Writing these pieces is/was an expression of my resistance against the disciplinary rules of incest. The sand, walls, and sky became a site of healing and hope.

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Social Sciences (miscellaneous), Anthropology

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Incest, Childhood sexual abuse, Poetry, Immigrant


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