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Surviving incest: Feminist theory and practice

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Auteurs : Gudrun Jonsdottir
Périodique : Journal of Social Work Practice
Numéros : vol. 4, nº 3-4, ISSN 0265-0533 (Imprimé), ISSN 1465-3885 (En ligne)
Dates : Date de publication: 11/1990
Etendue : pp. 56-70
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Surviving incest: Feminist theory and practice


In the last few years it has become inescapably clear that incest is relatively common and that it is mainly young girls who suffer this violence from men in their families. This article is based on in-depth interviews with Icelandic and English incest survivors. The material is analysed from a feminist perspective. My understanding of the experience and the effects of incest on the survivors lives, and opens new possibilities for social workers working with them. Consciousness-raising, the women's strength and resistance on the one hand, and equality and validation of their experiences on the other, are the basis of the work. Finally, I maintain that feminist theories and practice open new and timely possibilities for better social work practice generally.

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Social Sciences (miscellaneous), Health(social science), Drug guides


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