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Identifying sexual preferences in intrafamilial and extrafamilial child sexual abusers

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Auteurs : Roy R. Frenzel, Reuben A. Lang
Périodique : Annals of Sex Research
Numéros : vol. 2, nº 3, ISSN 0843-4611 (Imprimé), ISSN 1573-286X (En ligne)
Dates : Date de publication: 1988
Etendue : pp. 255-275
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Identifying sexual preferences in intrafamilial and extrafamilial child sexual abusers


Twenty-seven erotic and sexually neutral movie clips were shown to 191 men, consisting of 62 heterosexual intrafamilial child sexual abusers, 57 heterosexual and 25 homosexual extrafamilial child sexual abusers and 47 community controls. The stimuli depicted males and females from ages 6 to 25 years. Maximum penile volume changes were recorded during the 30 second stimulus presentations. Analyses showed that the phallometric test had high internal consistency (alpha=0.93) and revealed the expected erotic preference profiles for controls and extrafamilial offender groups. The homosexual group reacted most to 13–15 year old boys which made them more easily discriminated from the other groups. The intrafamilial offenders, however, overlapped considerably with controls and only 10% showed a pattern of penile responses expected for the ‘classical pedophile’, i.e., largest responses to female children. The pattern of results supported the accumulating evidence that child sexual abusers are heterogeneous in terms of their sexual preference profiles.

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General Psychology, Psychiatry and Mental health

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Internal Consistency, Volume Change, Sexual Preference, Stimulus Presentation, High Internal Consistency


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