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When the Family becomes the Most Dangerous Place: Relations, Roles and Dynamics within Incestuous Families

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Numéros : vol. 10, nº 1
Date de publication : 2020
Etendue : pp. 177–191
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Présentation de l'éditeur :

The family is supposed to give the child a sense of security, belonging, acceptance and love.1 If, however, instead of these pleasant experiences, the most prevalent atmosphere is that of, abuse, trauma, violence, horror and fear, the child will not feel safe, accepted and loved. Even worse, later in life, he will unconsciously search for situations that will awaken in him, and re-create that primary atmosphere and underlying affects, because in his intrapsychic world, they equal belonging and familiarity. Clinical experience and research show that incest is one of the severest traumas caused to the human psyche and body. In the paper, we will first present the definition, prevalence and discuss factors such as the duration of the incest and the age of victims and perpetrators. Then, we will describe the relations, roles and dynamics within incestuous families, where the child finds himself with his own pain among people who should be trustworthy, who should give safety and a sense of being loved, but instead they abuse the child, violating all the boundaries, taking away one’s dignity and killing the soul.

Sommaire :

1. The definition of incest

2. Prevalence, duration of incest and the age of victims and perpetrators

4. The characteristics of incestuous families, their dynamics and relations

5. The roles in an incestuous family

  • The father in the incestuous family
  • The mother in the incestuous family
  • The daughter as a victim in the incestuous family
  • The son as the victim in the incestuous family

Mots clés SantéPsy :

Relation familiale, Traumatisme psychique, Inceste, Famille pathologique, Rôle


Langue : anglais
Format : bibliographie
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Type de fiche : Article de périodique
Création : 19/06/2020
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