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Intrafamilial Child Sexual Abuse: A Unique Silent Epidemic. Perspectives of Victim-Friendly Court Professionals in Marondera District, Zimbabwe

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Numéros : vol. 28, nº 7
Date de publication : octobre 2019
Etendue : pp. 860-884


Titre du dossier :

Incest and Cultural Issues in Africa

Présentation de l'éditeur :

Intrafamilial child sexual abuse is the commonest, though the under-reported, form of child sexual abuse in Marondera District and Zimbabwe generally. However, little is known about what drives it and what practitioners know about it.

This study explored the factors associated with the incidence of intrafamilial child sexual abuse in Marondera based on perceptions of Victim-Friendly Court professionals in the district. A semi-structured questionnaire was administered to twenty-five professionals from thirteen agencies implementing the Victim-Friendly Court initiative in Marondera. Relevant court records of intrafamilial child sexual abuse cases were also reviewed.

Data were analyzed using thematic analysis, descriptive statistics and document analysis. The study revealed that intrafamilial child sexual abuse in Marondera is associated with very subtle structural factors which put children at risk of abuse, prevent children, families, and communities from reporting, and reduce the accessibility of formal systems of social control. There are ‘conflicts’ between normative/legal and traditional socio-cultural value systems such that there is no shared understanding of the fundamental issues driving this phenomenon.

Policy/practice responses need to take cognizance of these peculiarities. As a basic first step, a comprehensive national prevalence study is required. Further in-depth research of the socio-cultural determinants of intrafamilial child sexual abuse is also recommended.

Sommaire :

Literature review

  • Factors associated with ICSA
  • Impacts of ICSA
  • Management of ICSA in Zimbabwe


  • Design
  • Sample
  • Data collection
  • Data analysis


  • Age
  • Sex & gender
  • Culture
  • Religion
  • Economic poverty
  • Child ignorance of ICSA


Conclusion and recommendations

Mots clés SantéPsy :

Agression sexuelle intrafamiliale, Inceste, Revue de la littérature, Société traditionnelle, Norme sociale, Justice

Lieux :

Afrique, Zimbabwe


Langue : anglais
Numéro de fiche : 147
Catalogue(s) : CRIAVS
Type de fiche : Article de périodique
Création : 13/11/2019
Dernière modification : 11/06/2021
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