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Sibling Sexual Abuse

Fiche mise à jour le 13 octobre 2023


Sommaire :

  • Sibling sexual abuse: an introduction and critical discussion (Stephanie Kewley, Sarah Pemberton, Brandy Black, Maria Socolof – p. 303-305)
  • Sexual grooming behaviours in sibling sexual harm (Georgia M. Winters, Elizabeth L. Jeglic – p. 306-326)
  • I got played by my best friend in my own home: survivor testimonies of sibling sexual abuse (Tova Lewin, Nina Spaegele, Afnan Attrash-Najjar, Carmit Katz, Anat Talmon – p. 327-342)
  • Living through the experience of sibling sexual abuse: parents’ perspectives (Marcus Westergren, Cecilia Kjellgren, Kristina Nygaard – p. 343-358)
  • Professional responses to sibling sexual abuse (Sophie King-Hill, Abby Gilsenan, Kieran McCartan – p. 359-373)
  • Adverse childhood experiences and psychosocial functioning problems for youths who sexually harm siblings (Lisa Thomsen, James Ogilvie, John Rynne – p. 374-390)
  • A preview of the AIM practice guidance for harmful sexual behaviour between siblings illustrated by a case series (Jeyda Ibrahim – p. 391-406)
  • Treating an adolescent male who has engaged in intrafamilial harmful sexual behaviour: a case study (Report – Julianne M. Read – p. 407-426)
  • Sibling sexual abuse: a form of family dysfunction as opposed to individualised behaviour (Kieran McCartan, Sophie King-Hill, Abby Gilsenan – p. 427-439)
  • « In there but not in there »: sibling sexual abuse as a disruptor in the field of child sexual abuse (Peter Yates, Stuart Allardyce – p. 440-449)

Mots clés SantéPsy :

Inceste fraternel, Famille pathologique, Relation familiale, Auteur de violence sexuelle, Parent, Cas clinique

Mots clés libres :

Intervention and Moving On (AIM)


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