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Sibling sexual abuse: a form of family dysfunction as opposed to individualised behaviour

Fiche mise à jour le 13 octobre 2023

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Numéros : vol. 29, nº 3
Date de publication : août 2023
Etendue : 13 p.


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This paper presents a reconsideration and more in-depth discussion part of some the findings of the Home Office funded Sibling Sexual Abuse (SSA) project (King-Hill et al, 2023). The focus of the paper on the role of family systems, especially dysfunctional family systems, in the sexual abuse. The research is based on 17 semi-structured interviews with survivors of SSA (n=17 female), which were thematically analysed. This resulted in the research team being able to identify 10 commonly identified markers of SSA and family dysfunction. The 10 markers highlight that the family structure, systems, processes, and functionality all contribute to the conditions that enable Sibling Sexual Abuse to occur. The paper goes on to discuss the importance of understanding family systems, ACE’s, and trauma in preventing and responding to Sibling Sexual Abuse. The paper concludes that the family system is a key player in Sibling Sexual Abuse and needs to be considered in prevention and treatment as the child who id harmed and the child that harms.

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Inceste fraternel, Famille pathologique, Relation familiale, Auteur de violence sexuelle


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Création : 06/10/2023
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