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‘End Incest’ — providing a healing touch

MOHALI: “I was raped by my father when I was 8…and I am a boy”; “my sister made repeated suicide attempts because of the endless trauma of incestuous abuse she faced without any support from anyone. She finally succeeded 19 years later.”
These are some of the distressing responses, Supreet Dhiman, a resident of Mohali, received on the online portal, “End Incest”, an initiative she started for victims of incestuous abuse to anonymously share their stories.

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Inceste frère/sœur : dévoiler le secret (Article traduit)

Voici la traduction d’un article du journal Social Worker Today sur l’inceste frère/sœur. Il souligne, outre la négation encore importante de ce type d’incestes, le rôle important que peuvent avoir les travailleurs sociaux dans la lutte contre ce problème majeur encore trop souvent caché. 

Voici la traduction d'un article du journal Social Worker Today sur l'inceste frère/sœur. Il souligne outre la négation…

Publiée par Quand toucher n'est plus jouer sur Mercredi 11 octobre 2017


Understanding the disturbing rise of incest-themed hardcore porn – Village News

Many viewers get ideas from watching porn they never would have thought of otherwise, and so rather than an “outlet,” it’s more of a roadmap that gives viewers the tools and ideas to take things too far, not only in the direction of taboos but also of human rights abuses.

This is definitely the case with what’s being referred to as incest-themed porn, known as fauxcest, one of the fastest growing categories of porn, featuring role play of sex between family members.


Why ‘The Incest Diary’ is creating such a stir

Alexis Kirschbaum, Bloomsbury’s publishing director in the UK, describes the book as “the most disturbing book [she’s] ever read” and admitted “some people are very uncomfortable with this book and some publishers are worried they would be complicit if they made it public”.
But she defended the book, which some argue “fetishises female misery”, saying it is “incredibly beautifully written”


Incest memoir ‘a work of art’


The author, apparently in her 40s, writes that her father first abused her when she was three, that their sexual relationship lasted into her 20s, and that her mother and other family members were aware of it.