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Is There a Sensitive Period in Human Incest Avoidance?

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Auteurs : Liqun Luo
Périodique : Evolutionary Psychology
Numéros : vol. 9, nº 2, ISSN 1474-7049
Dates : Date de publication: 04/2011
Etendue : pp. 285-295
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Titre :

Is There a Sensitive Period in Human Incest Avoidance?

Présentation de l'éditeur :

Many studies support the proposition that early cosocialization with opposite-sex children has the effect of inhibiting later mutual sexual attraction, but the existence of a period in the life cycle in which individuals are sensitive to the effect of early cosocialization has been a matter of controversy. Drawing on earlier traditional psychological research, and on more recent work guided by parental investment theory, we hypothesized that only for maternal perinatal association (MPA)-absent males a less-than-around-three-years age difference with the sister can predict stronger aversion to sibling incest. The results corroborated the hypothesis. The results can be interpreted as support for the existence of a sensitive period as well as for the potent role of MPA. Cross-cultural comparative studies were called on to further test the hypothesis.

Mots clés libres :

Behavioral Neuroscience, Social Psychology, General Medicine

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Incest, Early cosocialization, Sexual aversion, Sensitive period, MPA


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