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A Systems Theory Conceptualization of Incest

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Auteurs : Pamela C. Alexander
Périodique : Family Process
Numéros : vol. 24, nº 1, ISSN 0014-7370 (Imprimé), ISSN 1545-5300 (En ligne)
Dates : Date de publication: 03/1985
Etendue : pp. 79-88
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A Systems Theory Conceptualization of Incest

Résumé :

In this paper, father‐daughter incest is examined from the perspective of general systems theory. Three characteristics of an open system—information exchange with the environment, negentropy, and dynamic homeostasis—are described and examined with respect to the functioning of incestuous families. Two case studies of families with father‐daughter incest illustrate the tendency of these families to be more characteristic of the “closed” end of the continuum. The role of the environment in the origin and maintenance of the incestuous symptom is also examined. Implications for treatment are presented within the context of this theoretical perspective.

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Social Sciences (miscellaneous), Clinical Psychology, Social Psychology


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