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Adolescent sexual abuse: from incest to hebephilia

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Périodique : European Psychiatry
Numéros : vol. 28, ISSN 0924-9338 (Imprimé)
Dates : Date de publication: 01/2013
Etendue : p. 1
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Titre :

Adolescent sexual abuse: from incest to hebephilia

Résumé :

Introduction: On the eve of its entry into the DSM-V, hebephilia is a sexual deviance under debate. Few studies describe hebephiles, then who are these sex offenders?

Objectives: Assess the profile of adolescents sex offenders and their victims, and the characteristics of their penal treatment.

Methods: This is a retrospective study carried out from the court records of adolescents sex offenders followed by the State Department on the Enforcement of Sentences of Tours and Chateauroux (France).

Results: 31 offenders and 57 victims have been identified.

  • Concerning offenders: the average age was 37.8 ± 9.4 years. 71% had a job and 51.6% lived in couple. 87.1% had normal or borderline intellectual level. 38.7% had been victimized in childhood, of which 58.3% had experienced sexual violence.
  • Regarding penal treatment: 42% of subjects were judged by a correctional court, and 58% by a criminal court. 22.6% of subjects were in recidivism. The average length of imprisonment was 7.5 ± 4.2 years. 67.8% of subjects were sentenced to treatment with 48.4% imposed an injunction care. The average duration of treatment was 4.4 ± 3.1 years.
  • Concerning victims: 57 victims were identified of which 86% were female. The mean age was 14.1 ± 2.1 years. 58.1% of violences experienced were rapes in with 48.4% of intrafamilial. 67% of violence had repeated character.

Conclusion: This French study in which data are comparable to those of the North American literature, provides details on the characteristics of hebephiles that are passed to the act.

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Psychiatry and Mental health


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