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Treating non-abused siblings affected by intrafamilial trauma

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Périodique : Commonwealth Youth and Development
Numéros : vol. 14, nº 2, ISSN 1727-7140 (Imprimé)
Dates : Date de publication: 28/03/2017
Etendue : p. 38
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Titre :

Treating non-abused siblings affected by intrafamilial trauma

Résumé :

Intrafamilial trauma (the physical, emotional, and sexual abuse between two or more family members) can render psychologically deleterious effects not only on abused children, but their non-abused sibling(s) as well (Vitale, Squires, Zuckerbraun & Berger 2010). However, non-abused siblings are rarely the participants of trauma treatment or the focus of research, rendering them the ‘forgotten survivors’ of childhood maltreatment (Renner 2012; Tavkar & Hansen 2011). Nevertheless, therapists may encounter these siblings as patients as they too present myriad problematic symptoms and grief-related experiences (McMackin, Newman, Fogler & Keane 2012; Van der Kolk 2014). To assist therapists when counselling non-abused children affected by intrafamilial maltreatment, this article aims to describe the psychosocial impact of intrafamilial childhood trauma on non-abused siblings and to discuss the ways that play-based treatment can be incorporated into an empirically supported trauma treatment approach to meet their needs and grief-based concerns adequately.


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