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Amity and Aggression: A Symbolic Theory of Incest

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Auteurs : Paul B. Roscoe
Périodique : Man
Numéros : vol. 29, nº 1, ISSN 0025-1496 (Imprimé)
Dates : Date de publication: 03/1994
Etendue : p. 49
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Titre :

Amity and Aggression: A Symbolic Theory of Incest

Résumé :

In recent years, research on incest has come to focus increasingly around Edward Westermarck's landmark hypothesis that close childhood association is critical to the generation of incest aversion, avoidance and taboos. There remain, though, several deficiencies in this approach. Developing a view implicit in Westermarck's own formulation, this aricle seeks to overcome these problems by arguing trhat incest aversion develops between those who experience familial amity towards one another. Familial amity is critical, it is artued, because sex is experienced as a form of aggression, a conflation that may be culturally constructed out of, and biologically underpinned by, neurophysiological processes. Incest avoidance and incest taboos are symbolic encodements that both shape and are shaped by this affective dissonance.

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General Earth and Planetary Sciences, General Environmental Science


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