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The Long-Term Consequences of Childhood Incestuous Victimization upon Adult Women’s Psychological Symptomatology

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Périodique : Journal of Child Sexual Abuse
Numéros : vol. 1, nº 1, ISSN 1053-8712 (Imprimé), ISSN 1547-0679 (En ligne)
Dates : Date de publication: 12/08/1992
Etendue : pp. 81-102
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The Long-Term Consequences of Childhood Incestuous Victimization upon Adult Women's Psychological Symptomatology

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Current estimates of the prevalence of incest suggest that 16-20% of the women in the United States may be victims of such sexual abuse by the age of 18. The long-term consequences of incestuous victimization appear lo be numerous, producing in its victims feelings of powerlessness, stigmatization, and betrayal many years after the abuse. Some of the diagnostic consequences of childhood sexual abuse include affective disorders, substance abuse, eating disorders, anxiety disorders, dissociative disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder. and sexual dvsfunction. Therefore. the vumse of the present study was to comp&e adult women who were'viciims of childhood incest to various control groups to determine whether there were differences in psychological symptomatology. The results of this study suggest that the long-term consequences of incest are numerous and varied. Adult incest survivors reported greater levels of psychological distress as well as more types of symptomatology when compared to all three control groups. Overall. the data describing the incest survivors indicated that they were significantly more dcpressed, alienated, inhibited. socially introverted, and yet interpersonally more sensitive than other groups studied.


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