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Qualitative Research on the Experiences of Adolescent Incest Victims

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Périodique : Journal of Adolescent welfare
Numéros : vol. 20, nº 2, ISSN 1229-4705 (Imprimé)
Dates : Date de publication: 30/06/2018
Etendue : pp. 67-93
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Titre :

Qualitative Research on the Experiences of Adolescent Incest Victims

Autre titre :

Titre original: 청소년의 친족성폭력 경험에 대한 질적 연구

Résumé :

The purpose of this study is to understand in depth the meaning of experiences of adolescent incest victims and their recovery process. Participants were 6 female teenagers who experienced incest. In-depth interview was conducted from October to November, 2017. Giorgi phenomenology research method was used to analyze data collected from the interview. As a result of analysis, upper components in adolescents' incest experience were 'parents who failed to protect their children from incest', 'a wound-scarred childhood', 'anger from persistent sexual violence', 'a sense of betrayal from family and confusion', 'a broken heart’, 'isolated daily life', 'hands that gave hope to life' and ‘hope to live as a dignified member of society’. The social welfare policy in this study implies that providing the counseling environment which enables adolescent incest victims to rely and to feel emotionally stable is necessary. In addition, practical implication of the social welfare provided the need of a mentor relationship that allows adolescent incest victims to continuously develop their strengths.


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