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Incestuous child sexual abuse: A review of treatment strategies

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Auteurs : J Dixen
Périodique : Clinical Psychology Review
Numéros : vol. 1, nº 2, ISSN 0272-7358 (Imprimé)
Dates : Date de publication: 1981
Etendue : pp. 211-222
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Titre :

Incestuous child sexual abuse: A review of treatment strategies

Résumé :

Incestuous child sexual abuse has been recognized by mental health professionals in recent years as a significant problem. This paper reviews various strategies which have been utilized in the treatment of the victim, abuser, or entire family in cases of incest. The approaches reviewed are insight-oriented therapy, behavior therapy, family therapy, and other therapies (including residential treatment and marital therapy). Among conclusions reached from this review are: (1) although behavior therapy has been effective with the abuser, it has not been applied in treatment of the victim; (2) family therapy may be most effective after individual members have been treated; (3) insight-oriented therapy was the only therapy utilized to treat the long-term effects of incest; and (4) a number of authors have recently indicated that the most effective approach to the treatment of incest may be multicomponent treatment packages for the abuser or victim, as well as combinations of interventions (e.g., individual therapy for the victim and abuser, marital therapy, and family therapy).


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