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Family Therapy in Father–Son Incest: A Case Study

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Auteurs : Judith Halpern
Périodique : Social Casework
Numéros : vol. 68, nº 2, ISSN 0037-7678 (Imprimé)
Dates : Date de publication: 02/1987
Etendue : pp. 88-93
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Titre :

Family Therapy in Father–Son Incest: A Case Study

Résumé :

Presents a case study of male homosexual incest in a family created by the adoption of a boy at the age of 16 yrs by a 40-yr-old single man, and compares the structural issues with those found in father–daughter incest. The adoptive father in the case also had an ongoing homosexual relationship with an adult partner. Issues addressed include sexual identity, family roles, and dynamics during treatment. A family-system approach to treatment is suggested.

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