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The Nature of Incest: A Review of Contributing Factors

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Numéros : ISBN 9780080301945
Dates : Date de publication: 1987
Etendue : pp. 97-107
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The Nature of Incest: A Review of Contributing Factors

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Titre de l'ensemble: Sexually Abused Children and their Families

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This chapter reviews the nature of incest as well as the contributing factors. It reviews three primary theoretical perspectives for understanding the contributing factors of incest. There are three theoretical perspectives for understanding the etiology of incest. These are (1) the sociological viewpoint; (2) the role of organic factors such as alcoholism and mental sub-normality; and (3) the psychodynamic perspective. This perspective associates low socio-economic class, poverty, overcrowding, social isolation, sub-cultural values, and external stress with incest. To assess the validity of such a perspective, it is essential to review the samples from which the conclusions were derived. Social isolation has also been seen as an important contributing factor to incest. Because of the methodological problems in much of the research, there are no conclusive answers to the query of how sociological phenomena contribute to incest. The implication of all these findings is that alcohol may act as an inhibition-removing and triggering influence. The organicity associated with drug induced psychosis and other forms of toxicity may also act as a trigger for incestuous relationships.


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