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Sibling Incest A Descriptive Study of Family Dynamics

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Auteurs : Charlotte M. Gilbert
Périodique : Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Nursing
Numéros : vol. 5, nº 1, ISSN 1073-6077 (Imprimé), ISSN 1744-6171 (En ligne)
Dates : Date de publication: 01/1992
Etendue : pp. 5-9
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Sibling Incest A Descriptive Study of Family Dynamics

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This study investigates the characteristics of families in which a member was identified as a victim of sibling incest. Four agencies in a southeastern city provided a convenience sample of 14 family case records from November 1986 through April 1988 for review. Sixteen children were identified as victims of sibling incest, including three boys and 13 girls between the ages of 2 and 10 years (mean = 6.75 years). Perpetrators included 1 girl and 14 boys between the ages of 13 and 17 years (mean = 15.06 years). The incestuous relationship had a major impact on families, especially the children. Many offenders and victims, in addition to experiencing emotional, school, and legal problems, were removed from their homes.

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Phychiatric Mental Health, Pediatrics, Psychiatry and Mental health, General Medicine


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