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Sürtünme Yolu ile Cinsel İstismar Sonrası Gebelik: Bir Ensest Olgusu

Fiche mise à jour le 16 avril 2020

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Périodique : Turkish Journal of Forensic Medicine
Numéros : vol. 30, nº 2, ISSN 1018-5275 (Imprimé), ISSN 2149-0570 (En ligne)
Dates : Date de publication: 2016
Etendue : pp. 180-185
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Titre :

Sürtünme Yolu ile Cinsel İstismar Sonrası Gebelik: Bir Ensest Olgusu

Titre traduit :

anglais: Pregnancy after sexual abuse by rubbing: an incest case

Résumé :

Child sexual abuse is known for long times, it has become much more important worldwide and can be seen in different manners. Sexual abuses through genital rubbing (interfemoral coitus) without any vaginal penetration can be seen less frequently and pregnancy as a result of interfemoral coitus can be seen rarely in the literature. In addition, pregnancy after interfemoral coitus occurring as an incest in which a family member commits the abuse could not be found in our country in the available literature.
Our present case was a 12-year old girl abused through interfemoral coitus without vaginal penetration by his older brother who was 24 years old. The victim girl who has not been abused by her brother again and had no other sexual intercourse was found to be pregnant approximately 6 months after the incident.
In the lights of the obtained and discussed data; it is concluded that a childhood pregnancy seen after an abuse incident may have occurred as a result of the incest and vaginal penetration is not essential for pregnancy should be always kept in mind.

Mots clés libres :

Pathology and Forensic Medicine

Mots-clés libres (EN) :

Incest, Pregnancy, Genital rubbing, Interfemoral coitus


Langue : turc
Numéro de fiche : 1276
Source : CrossRef
Type de fiche : Article de périodique
Création : 04/05/2018
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