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When Love Hurts: Preadolescent Girls’ Reports of Incest

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Auteurs : Joan D. Atwood
Périodique : The American Journal of Family Therapy
Numéros : vol. 35, nº 4, ISSN 0192-6187 (Imprimé), ISSN 1521-0383 (En ligne)
Dates : Date de publication: 05/07/2007
Etendue : pp. 287-313
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Titre :

When Love Hurts: Preadolescent Girls' Reports of Incest

Résumé :

The present study explored incest behavior as it was reported by young girls in Internet chat rooms. Thirty-eight percent of the girls in the study reported having sex with a relative. The most frequent type of incest (36%) was between a father and his daughter. Thirty-six percent of girls reported that the incest occurred before they were 10 years of age. After the initial intercourse, which virtually all girls reported as painful, many of the girls stated that the sexual behavior was a part of their life, occurring on a regular basis. The actual accounts of the girls are included in this article. Therapeutic implications are presented, as well as the socially constructed meaning of the behavior within the context of larger socio-historical values.

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Clinical Psychology, Social Psychology


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