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Incest revisited: A Mexican Catholic priest and his daughter

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Auteurs : Gloria González-López
Périodique : Sexualities
Numéros : vol. 16, nº 3-4, ISSN 1363-4607 (Imprimé), ISSN 1461-7382 (En ligne)
Dates : Date de publication: 10/05/2013
Etendue : pp. 401-422
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Titre :

Incest revisited: A Mexican Catholic priest and his daughter

Résumé :

This article offers a feminist sociological analysis of Otilia’s incestuous relationship with her father—a Catholic priest. This case study is one in a series of Mexican women’s narratives of incestuous relationships that reveal the sexual objectification of girls and women within the context of the family and its roots in a colonial history shaped by race, class, and gender inequalities. In this case study I also explore the complex origins of double standards of sexual morality within the Catholic Church: the Church desexualizes priests by insisting on celibacy, but perpetrators of incest, who are also priests, may benefit from the historical construction of the family that positions children as vulnerable, dehumanized, and objectified servants of the father.

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Gender Studies, Anthropology

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Catholic Church, Mexican society, priests and their daughters, Race and class and gender, Incest


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