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Prevalence, Theoretical Framework and South African Legislative Measures on Child Sexual Abuse and Incest

Fiche mise à jour le 8 décembre 2021

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Numéros : vol. 25
Date de publication : 2021
Etendue : pp. 417-428


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Background Child sexual abuse and incest are the worst crimes and offences against children and the vulnerable in the society. These have continued to plague South African communities and a major social issue for social workers. The study drew from previous findings on psycho-social effects of father-daughter incest which was conducted in fulfilment of a Masters studies. As well as how it affected the offender and the family. Objectives and Purpose of the study The study attempted to understand how incest manifest within and across nations, how the family is affected and what role it plays in an incestuous relationship as well the sanctioning of such social abomination. Social Work intervention is also scrutinize particularly in support of the family. Methods The study emanates from a Masters research undertaken where qualitative approach was utilized to determine psycho social effects of incest. This piece of work looked at the prevalence and nature of incest, theoretical framework in respect of incest as well as South African punitive measures on child sexual abuse and incest. These were discussed as themes with subthemes.

Sommaire :

Theme 1: Nature and prevalence of Incest

  • Sub-theme 1.1 The Western context ; The African context
  • Sub-theme 1.2: Prevalence of Father-Daughter Incest
    • The engagement phase ; The sexual interaction stage ; The post disclosure/suppression stage
  • Sub-Theme 1.3: Traits of family members in father-daughter incest situations
    • Dysfunctional family system
  • Theme 1.4: Effects of child sexual abuse and incest

Theme 2: Theoretical framework for understanding incestuous families

  • Family systems theory ; Trauma Theory ; Ecosystems theory  ; Erik Erickson theory of psychosocial development

Theme 3: Punitive Measures (South African Legal Framework)

  • Restorative Justice ; National Policies

Theme 4: Social Work Intervention

Mots clés SantéPsy :

Agression sexuelle intrafamiliale, Inceste, Agression sexuelle, Victime mineure, Législation, Travail social, Inceste père-enfant, Prévalence, Relation familiale, Famille pathologique, Conséquence

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Inceste père-fille

Lieux :

Afrique, Afrique du Sud


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Création : 08/12/2021
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