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Comparing Intra and Extra-Familial Child Sexual Abuse in a Forensic Context

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Périodique : Psicothema
Numéros : vol. 31, nº 3, ISSN 0214-9915 (Imprimé)
Date de publication : août 2019
Etendue : pp. 271-276
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Résumé :

Background :

Child sexual abuse continues to be a problem aggravated by difficulty of detection. The aim of this study was to compare intra-familial (IF) and extra-familial (EF) child sexual abuse cases in search of differential variables that may allow for better intervention and prevention.

Method :

A sample of 221 forensic/legal cases (44.8% IF and 55.2% EF) dealing with children between 3 and 18 years of age (75% female) was analysed.

Results :

IF sexual abuse was significantly more likely to occur more than once (p = .000; OR = 6.353), with greater delay in its revelation (>1 year OR = 8.132), and with younger victims (9.05 vs. 11.45; p = .000). Intellectual disability was more prevalent among EF victims (p = .017; OR = 3.053). There was a higher proportion of reconstructed families, more legal records, and more histories of domestic violence among IF sexual abuse families. Even among EF cases, 78% of abusers were known to the victims, and in around 80% of all cases the abuse was reported by a family member.

Conclusion :

Results point to the need for further development of detection programs in schools, police or health contexts since reporting by professionals is scarce.

Sommaire :


  • Participants
  • Instrument
  • Procedure
  • Data analysis


  • Table 1 : Characteristics of the abuse among IF and EF abuse
  • Table 2 : Characteristics of the victim, the family and the offender


Mots clés SantéPsy :

Agression sexuelle extrafamiliale, Agression sexuelle intrafamiliale, Victime mineure, Inceste, Signalement, Acte médico-légal, Diagnostic, Famille pathologique, Retard mental, Violence familiale, Relation agresseur-victime, Étude comparative


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