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Incest, Sexual Violence, and Rape in Video Games

Fiche mise à jour le 7 mars 2019

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Date de début : 2009
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Technological advances have provided the opportunity for the creation of graphically intensive video games that are able to closely mimic reality. Just as there are darker sides to humanity, so, too, are there darker sides to video games. As technology has improved, video game developers have taken the opportunity to portray graphic and realistic sexual encounters. These games range from popular mainstream games to obscure Japanese hentai games. Sex always sells, but a notable number have games have taken to depicting scenes of more deviant sexual topics. Specifically, incest, sexual violence, and rape in video games have become much more prevalent in recent years, and, understandably, have given rise to some controversy. The purpose of this paper is to explore the prevalence of these deviant sexual topics in video games, including a brief history, overview, and discussion.

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Incest, Sexual violence, Rape, Video games, Sex, Pornography


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