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An exploratory study to determine if there are trauma-inducting dimensions and post traumatic stress disorder symptoms developed in women survivors of incest

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Date de présentation : mai 2006
Etendue : 58 p.
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Master of Social Work

Organismes :

Clark Atlanta University - School of Social Work, États-Unis

Résumé d'auteur :

This study seeks to explore and explain (define sylllptonls relating to) trauma-inducing dimension (TID) and post traumatic stress disorder symptoms (PTSD) in women survivors of' child incest sexual abuse Both variables posed a correlation with one another as it relates to women's past incest experience. This sample anticipated a number of 30, yet resulted in 28 This study included a population of only females, ages ranging from 26 to 58.

This study was based on the premise that women survivors of incest would experience both symptoms of TID and PTSD. A Chi-Square statistical test approached was used to analyze data and results revealed that there were a significant relationship with both TID and TID of women survivors of incest and their past incest experience.

Conclusions found within findings suggest that inquired knowledge regarding this study has clearly been enhanced by its outcome.

Mots clés SantéPsy :

Syndrome post-traumatique, Stress, Victime mineure, Victime femme, Inceste, Traumatisme psychique

Mots clés libres :

Trouble de stress post-traumatique


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