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A Comparison of Incest Offenders Based on Victim Age

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Auteurs : Philip Firestone, Kristopher L. Dixon, Kevin L. Nunes, John M. Bradford
Périodique : Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law
Numéros : vol. 33, nº 2
Dates : Date de publication: 06/2005
Etendue : pp. 223-232
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A Comparison of Incest Offenders Based on Victim Age

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The purpose of the present study was to compare incest offenders (IOs) whose victims include infants or toddlers to IOs with adolescent victims on several variables commonly examined in the sexual offender literature. Participants were 48 men whose youngest victim was less than 6 years of age (younger-victim incest offenders; YVs); and 71 men whose youngest victim was 12 to 16 years of age (older-victim incest offenders (OVs). In general, YVs showed more emotional disturbance and pathology than OVs. Compared with OVs, YVs had a greater history of substance abuse and more current problems with alcohol. In addition, YVs reported significantly poorer sexual functioning and were significantly more psychiatrically disturbed. YVs were also more likely to have a male victim, to have victimized a nephew/niece or grandson/granddaughter, and to have denied their offense(s). It was evident that both the YVs and OVs demonstrated clinically significant difficulty with normal sexual functioning and exhibited deviant sexual arousal.


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